I first read about the 100 Things List on the It's My Life blog. Being a compulsive list-maker myself, it only seemed logical that I create my own 100 Things List.  1. I was born in Harrisonville, MO 2. I grew up in a town of 150 people    3. I went to high school in neighboring Pleasant Hill 4. Growing up, I always said I would move away from Pleasant Hill 5. 38 years and I STILL live in the area 6. I sometimes dream of moving to a completely new state and starting everything from scratch 7. I don't know if I could actually move away from my kids and future grandkids 8. I would love to live somewhere warm year-round 9. I really think the cold winter weather gives me a tiny case of depression 10. I just don't like winter 11. I have one son and one daughter 12. I can't believe they are as old as they are 13. We will be empty-nesters before we know it 14. It became clear just how old I am now that the professional athletes are pretty much all younger than me 15. Starting in college, I drank Pepsi like it was going out of style 16. To get away from some of that sugar, I switched to Diet Cherry Coke 17. I drank Diet Cherry Coke like it was going out of style 18. I've gained 15 pounds over the years 19. After spending $5+ per week on Diet Cherry Coke and reading about how Diet Coke can actually make you gain weight, I gave up soda altogether 20. It haven't lost any weight since I quit drinking Diet Coke 21. It did help me get rid of the extreme tired feeling every afternoon and almost daily headaches 22. I do really good at exercising...for about two weeks at a time 23. As hard as I try, I do not enjoy running 24. I love to shop 25. I could go shopping everyday and still not get enough 26. Unfortunately, my budget doesn't allow for shopping everyday 27. I have an insatiable sweet tooth 28. I rarely allow myself time to read a book 29. When I read a book, that's ALL I want to do 30. The last book I read was Tori Spelling's "Mommywood" 31. When I do read, it's always top quality literature as you can tell from #30 above 32. I prefer magazines over books 33. My favorite magazine is Better Homes & Gardens 34. I will have a "Better Homes & Gardens" yard some day 35. I can't stand to sit and do nothing 36. I am not a nap taker.  See #35. 37. I'm a romantic comedy kind of gal 38. I love the smell of coffee 39. I hate the taste of coffee 40. I am NOT a morning person 41. I have tried to be a morning person.  It's never going to happen. 42. Maybe that's why I disliked my first job so much.  They always gave me the 6:00am shift a Gerbes. 43. I once worked as a telemarketer for a carpet cleaning company.  It made the 6:00am shift at Gerbes sound good. 44. Did I mention I hate talking on the phone? 45. I am very picky about my writing utensils.  Not just any will do. 46. I find a pen I like and use it, and only it, until it runs out of ink 47. I am very shy 48. Most people interpret that as being snobby or stuck-up 49. I've even considered seeing a doctor for my fear of being by myself in public or a crowd 50. When I'm in a crowd, my mind goes blank and I can't think of a single thing to say to the people around me 51. As shy as I am, I'm not afraid of speaking to large crowds or performing in public 52. Apparently I like being the center of attention 53. I have one tattoo 54. I have never smoked a cigarette 55. I have never tried an illegal drug 56. See Mom and Dad, I could have done #54 and #55. #53 really isn't that bad now, is it? 57. I am proudly liberal 58. I choose to keep my beliefs to myself 59. I wish others would do so, as well 60. I would love to be on Dancing with the Stars 61. I need my own reality show so I can become a "star" 62. I went to high school with my husband 63. In high school he barely weighed 100 pounds, had a permed mullet and drove a lime green car 64. We never actually spoke until we hung out with mutual friends one summer in college 65. In college he played baseball and had major muscles :-) 66. I believe games are played to be WON 67. Everyone cannot be a winner.  Deal with it. 68. I want to experience Sturgis - minus the leather bikini 69. I have a secret fondness for rockin' "bad guys" on motorcycles 70. I never finished college 71. I have always felt like a bit of a failure for not finishing 72. I have no desire to go back to college 73. I wish I was cool and edgy enough to pull off a tiny diamond nose stud 74. I'm not the least bit cool or edgy 75. I love baseball, football and ESPN 76. When I was 17, I danced in the Mr. Male America contest 77. As a souvenir, I somehow ended up with Mr. Hawaii's Santa Claus boxer shorts 78. Nothing inappropriate was involved. He probably would have rather given them to a guy. 79. The left lane of traffic is for PASSING. It's safe to say, I have road rage. 80. I would love to be a wedding/event planner 81. I am a control freak 82. My toenails are painted 365 days a year 83. I think painted toenails make my feet look not quite as ugly 84. I can't bring myself to pay for a pedicure when I know I can paint my own toenails 85. I can't just do anything the simple/easy way 86. I am naturally a "glass half empty" kind of person 87. I try to make it a point to find the "glass half full" in things 88. I love me some Real Housewives 89. My favorites are New Jersey and Orange County 90. I have the whitest of white skin 91. I don't care for potato chips 92. I am not a patient person 93. I'm not superstitious but I must say "excuse me" after I sneeze even if no one is around 94. I have a habit of playing with my hair 95. I cry easily 96. Movies, funerals (even if I didn't really know the person), Extreme Home Makeover, abandoned/abused animal commercials - you name it, I'll cry 97. I cook a lot 98. I ruin a lot of what I attempt to cook 99. I am mad they are taking away my soap operas during the day 100. I love being a photographer 101. Because I always have to do one more than expected, I'm adding another to the list