It's been a crazy, fun and busy season of fall sports here in Pleasant Hill.  All of the teams had amazing seasons and I'm blessed to have been able to capture some of the action on the sidelines.  Here are a few of my favorite shots from the fall season.  You can see many more sports images on Christy B's Facebook page.   Action shots are not what I would say I'm all that good at, but they are a fun departure from my normal portrait photographs and I hope that the public enjoys a look at the action a little closer up than they can get from the stands.  Congratulations Pleasant Hill students for an awesome fall sports season.  You represented our little town well!

 photo ChristyBPleasantHillRoostersFootball1.jpg

 photo ChristyBPleasantHillRoostersFootball2.jpg

 photo ChristyBPleasantHillRoostersFootball3.jpg

 photo ChristyBPleasantHillRoostersFootball4.jpg

 photo ChristyBPleasantHillRoostersFootball5.jpg

 photo ChristyBPleasantHillRoostersFootball6.jpg

v  photo ChristyBPleasantHillRoostersFootball7.jpg

 photo ChristyBPleasantHillRoostersFootball8.jpg

 photo ChristyBPleasantHillRoostersFootball9.jpg

 photo ChristyBPleasantHillRoostersFootball10.jpg

 photo ChristyBPleasantHillRoostersVolleyball1.jpg

 photo ChristyBPleasantHillRoostersVolleyball2.jpg

 photo ChristyBPleasantHillRoostersVolleyball3.jpg

 photo ChristyBPleasantHillRoostersVolleyball4.jpg

 photo ChristyBPleasantHillRoostersVolleyball5.jpg

 photo ChristyBPleasantHillRoostersSoccer1.jpg

 photo ChristyBPleasantHillRoostersSoccer2.jpg

 photo ChristyBPleasantHillRoostersSoccer3.jpg

 photo ChristyBPleasantHillLighteningSoccer1.jpg

 photo ChristyBPleasantHillLighteningSoccer2.jpg

 photo ChristyBPleasantHillLighteningSoccer3.jpg


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