It's that time of year again.  The Cass County Fair is this week and that means I have tons of cutie pies to share with you from last weekend's Baby Show / Wee King & Queen Contest judging.
I literally have about three minutes to spend with each kiddo that stops by for a pic.  It amazes me how many precious looks we can get in just a few minutes.  Throughout this week, I'll be sharing some of my fav. shots of each little one that was photographed.  Be sure to check back here each day.  I promise you, one is just as adorable as the next!

 photo IMG_2188 5x7.jpg
 photo IMG_2270 5x7.jpg
 photo IMG_2223 5x7.jpg
 photo IMG_2294 5x7.jpg
 photo IMG_2288 5x7.jpg
 photo IMG_2249 5x7.jpg
 photo IMG_2312 5x7.jpg
 photo IMG_2206 5x7.jpg


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