This past weekend I got to photograph some adorable pets and their families at the Pleasant Hill Animal Clinic and raise money for the Animal Archives of Missouri through the Missouri Veterinary Medical Foundation at the same time.  The Animal Archives of Missouri is an orginization that allows pet owners to memorialize their beloved pets that have passed on.  "Anyone who has lost a beloved pet may find a memorial gift to be a comforting gesture. Our animal memorial program exists to comfort those who have suffered a loss by placing their pet's name and picture in The Animal Archives of Missouri. The Archives are kept at the Veterinary Museum in Jefferson City, Missouri where owners may visit." I am honored to have been part of such a wonderful day and to have meet so many families and their beloved pets. The stories they told of their pets were amazing from the spirited lab with three legs to the miniature pincher that was adopted just before having an epileptic seizure and losing most of her sight.  It's proof just how strong the bond can be between pets and their owners.  This is the first of two posts sharing just a few of the sneak peeks from the day. First we have Zoe, our 8 year old English Mastiff Kyle and Trent with the newest member of their family, Roscoe Duke Jones Mister and Lou - rescued Scottish Terriers

Sugar - Miniature Pincher Molly - Teacup Chihuahua

Shilo - Lab and Smitty - Rat Terrior Minnie Winnie - Pomeranian Tony and his cute little sidekick More sneak peeks to come on Thursday Friday. Be sure to check back. You won't want to miss them!