Two more days of sweet little faces on the blog from the Cass County Fair Baby Show/Wee King & Queen Contest!  Today we have round 4 of baby show sneak peeks.  I'm having so much fun editing all of these kids!  I hope you're enjoying seeing them.
 photo ChristyBCassCountyFairBabyShow28.jpg
 photo ChristyBCassCountyFairBabyShow29.jpg  photo ChristyBCassCountyFairBabyShow30.jpg  photo ChristyBCassCountyFairBabyShow31.jpg  photo ChristyBCassCountyFairBabyShow32.jpg  photo ChristyBCassCountyFairBabyShow33.jpg  photo ChristyBCassCountyFairBabyShow34.jpg  photo ChristyBCassCountyFairBabyShow35.jpg  photo ChristyBCassCountyFairBabyShow36.jpg


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