Say it isn't so!  We have the final round of baby show sneak peeks to share with you today.  I am honored to have been able to photograph 45 of the most adorable kids in Cass county!!  I hope you've enjoyed a little look behind the scenes of the contestants. 
 photo ChristyBCassCountyFairBabyShow37.jpg photo ChristyBCassCountyFairBabyShow38.jpg

 photo ChristyBCassCountyFairBabyShow39.jpg  photo ChristyBCassCountyFairBabyShow40.jpg  photo ChristyBCassCountyFairBabyShow41.jpg  photo ChristyBCassCountyFairBabyShow43.jpg  photo ChristyBCassCountyFairBabyShow42.jpg  photo ChristyBCassCountyFairBabyShow44.jpg  photo ChristyBCassCountyFairBabyShow45.jpg

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