This past weekend was our annual Pet Photo Day at the Pleasant Hill Animal Clinic. I love seeing all the adorable pets and their owners and have so much fun at this event each year.  Here is the first round of this year's pet photos.  More to come tomorrow.  Be sure to keep checking in.  They are sure to bring a smile to your face.  A huge thank you to everyone that stopped by this year!!

 photo ChristyBPleasantHillHolidayPetPhotos2.jpg

 photo ChristyBPleasantHillHolidayPetPhotos3.jpg

 photo ChristyBPleasantHillHolidayPetPhotos4.jpg

 photo ChristyBPleasantHillHolidayPetPhotos5.jpg

 photo ChristyBPleasantHillHolidayPetPhotos6.jpg


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