It rained all day.  An hour before picture time, it cleared up and was absolutely perfect for homecoming pictures before the dance.  I'm honored to have been able to photograph so many kids before their big evening!  I had a blast seeing them all dressed up with their friends and dates!!  Who has the best job in the world?  I think it might be me!

First, I have to do my own proud momma share and show my own kids and their dates.  They have grown up way too fast!

 photo ChristyBPHHSHomecomingDance1.jpg And now on with the rest of the images from that night.  Parents, you have gorgeous children!!  photo ChristyBPHHSHomecomingDance2.jpg  photo ChristyBPHHSHomecomingDance3.jpg  photo ChristyBPHHSHomecomingDance4.jpg  photo ChristyBPHHSHomecomingDance5.jpg  photo ChristyBPHHSHomecomingDance6.jpg  photo ChristyBPHHSHomecomingDance7.jpg  photo ChristyBPHHSHomecomingDance8.jpg  photo ChristyBPHHSHomecomingDance9.jpg  photo ChristyBPHHSHomecomingDance10.jpg  photo ChristyBPHHSHomecomingDance11.jpg  photo ChristyBPHHSHomecomingDance12.jpg  photo ChristyBPHHSHomecomingDance13.jpg  photo ChristyBPHHSHomecomingDance14.jpg  photo ChristyBPHHSHomecomingDance15.jpg  photo ChristyBPHHSHomecomingDance16.jpg  photo ChristyBPHHSHomecomingDance17.jpg  photo ChristyBPHHSHomecomingDance18.jpg  photo ChristyBPHHSHomecomingDance19.jpg  photo ChristyBPHHSHomecomingDance20.jpg  photo ChristyBPHHSHomecomingDance21.jpg  photo ChristyBPHHSHomecomingDance22.jpg  photo ChristyBPHHSHomecomingDance23.jpg  photo ChristyBPHHSHomecomingDance24.jpg  photo ChristyBPHHSHomecomingDance25.jpg  photo ChristyBPHHSHomecomingDance26.jpg  photo ChristyBPHHSHomecomingDance27.jpg  photo ChristyBPHHSHomecomingDance28.jpg  photo ChristyBPHHSHomecomingDance29.jpg  photo ChristyBPHHSHomecomingDance30.jpg  photo ChristyBPHHSHomecomingDance32.jpg And finally, a couple behind the scenes snapshots with me after a long but fun day.  photo ChristyBPHHSHomecomingDance33.jpg


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