One thing I've wanted to do for a long time now is learn to play golf.  Then I tell myself the last thing I need is a new expensive hobby to consume what little free time I have.  To this date, I still know very little about the actual game of golf, but last week I had a pretty good time photographing other golfers at the Chamber's annual golf tournament.

   photo ChristyBChamberofCommerceGolfTeams1.jpg  photo ChristyBChamberofCommerceGolfTeams2.jpg  photo 2013ChristyBChamberofCommerceGolfTournament1.jpg  photo 2013ChristyBChamberofCommerceGolfTournament2.jpg  photo 2013ChristyBChamberofCommerceGolfTournament3.jpg  photo 2013ChristyBChamberofCommerceGolfTournament5.jpg

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