July is a big month here at Christy B Photography. Not only does it mark our seventh year in business, it also means it's time for the Cass County Fair and all of the cutie pies from the baby show.  Each year I'm lucky enough to photograph more and more little contestants.  This year 55 kids  stopped by for pictures and I'm thrilled to share some of the images with you here on the blog over the next five days.  Enjoy all of the utter cuteness!

 photo ChristyBCassCountyBairBabyShow9.jpg

 photo ChristyBCassCountyBairBabyShow11.jpg

 photo ChristyBCassCountyBairBabyShow8.jpg

 photo ChristyBCassCountyBairBabyShow3.jpg

 photo ChristyBCassCountyBairBabyShow1.jpg

 photo ChristyBCassCountyBairBabyShow2.jpg

 photo ChristyBCassCountyBairBabyShow4.jpg

 photo ChristyBCassCountyBairBabyShow10.jpg

 photo ChristyBCassCountyBairBabyShow6.jpg

 photo ChristyBCassCountyBairBabyShow5.jpg

 photo ChristyBCassCountyBairBabyShow7.jpg


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