Ready for the next round of littles from last weekend's baby show?  Cass County sure has some cute kids!  And I'm honored to be the lucky one that got to photograph them.  I must say it again, "I love my job!!".

 photo ChristyBCassCountyBairBabyShow12.jpg

 photo ChristyBCassCountyBairBabyShow15.jpg

 photo ChristyBCassCountyBairBabyShow20.jpg

 photo ChristyBCassCountyBairBabyShow17.jpg

 photo ChristyBCassCountyBairBabyShow13.jpg

 photo ChristyBCassCountyBairBabyShow18.jpg

 photo ChristyBCassCountyBairBabyShow21.jpg

 photo ChristyBCassCountyBairBabyShow19.jpg

 photo ChristyBCassCountyBairBabyShow16.jpg

 photo ChristyBCassCountyBairBabyShow14.jpg

 photo ChristyBCassCountyBairBabyShow22.jpg


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