This past week our oldest turned 21.  He celebrated at college during the week so he opted for a low key get-together with friends and family when he came home for the weekend.  I love to throw a party so I took the opportunity to go a little crazy with the party planning.  I searched Pinterest for 21st birthday ideas and went to town.  I thought I would share with you how my PINTEREST BOARD came to life.

I decided to go with foods made with various liquors.  I'm not condoning drinking.  I just had a little fun with the 21st birthday theme.  The best part was creating the dessert bar.  I started by making a batch of liquor lollipops.  Any liquor works.  I went with Amaretto and the were tasty!  The recipe can be found HERE.

Next up were Beer Mug Marshmallow Pops.  They weren't perfect, but they still turned out cute.  The recipe can be found HERE.

Fireball Whiskey seems to be a college favorite so I had to make these homemade Fireball Marshmallows.  Recipe HERE.

It's not a 21st birthday party without Rummy Bears.  Recipe HERE.  

And finally, the cake.  I took the easy road and ordered an undecorated cake from Costco instead of making it from scratch.  Then I spiced it up a bit in a way only a 21 year old could appreciate.

There you have a dessert bar for a 21st birthday party.

I thought it would be best to have some food at the party.  I continued with the liquor theme.  It cooks out, right?

Whiskey Meatballs.  Recipe HERE.

Bourbon Lit'l Smokies.  Recipe HERE.

Bloody Mary Chipotle Shrimp.  Recipe HERE.


And Bourbon Chicken.  Recipe HERE.  I forgot to take a "real" pic but I did grab this pic for Snapchat.  

I chronicled my party planning on Snapchat.  Follow along so you don't miss out next time.  Search "thechristyB" on Snapchat.

Two things every college student likes:  pizza and money.  I think this might have been his favorite "food item" I made for the party.

As the guests arrived they are greeted with these fun Birthday Cake Shots.  Recipe HERE.

The birthday boy needed just the right attire for the occasion so I made him this t-shirt.

I'm sure a 21 year old guy could care less about having a "birthday party" but I had a blast planning it and am proud that he chose to have a gathering of family and friends over a night at the bars.