Today the 3rd grade Roosters are in the spotlight.  Their main goal at this age is to do anything possible not to smile for their pictures.  Some crack under the pressure and let out a tiny grin, some are tough as nails and have the same serious look year after year.  Either way, they are all business and ready to play some football.  I LOVE photographing this team each year!

Individual images will be posted on Facebook very soon. Parents are welcome to tag or share your child's image or use as your profile picture. Please be sure to "LIKE" Christy B Photography while you are there to see when new images are added. Enjoy!

 photo ChristyB3rdGradeRoosterFootball1.jpg  photo ChristyB3rdGradeRoosterFootball2.jpg  photo ChristyB3rdGradeRoosterFootball3.jpg  photo ChristyB3rdGradeRoosterFootball4.jpg  photo ChristyB3rdGradeRoosterFootball5.jpg  photo ChristyB3rdGradeRoosterFootball6.jpg

 photo ChristyB3rdGradeRoosterFootballFIXED.jpg  photo ChristyB3rdGradeRoosterFootballMEAN.jpg


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