Isn't there a saying, "The cobbler's children go unshod."?  In this family, photos of the photographer's children remain unedited.  I took these images of our son last November and just got around to editing them this evening.  I can't believe how he is growing up.  His braces are off.  He's growing taller (finally).  His hair is turning from blonde to brown (darn it).  In exactly one month he will turn 16.


Funny story - while we were taking (i.e. I was forcing him to take) these images, he asked me if these could just be his senior pictures.  (He's a sophomore.)  Um, NO!  I've got BIG plans for all his senior pictures.  He has no idea what's in store.  He will think the 15 minutes we spent at the farm getting these images was a breeze.     



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