It's a busy, busy day here but I couldn't let this Monday go by without a quick blog post. I'm deep in the middle of re-branding my business to celebrate ChristyB's upcoming 5 years in business. I always liked my old brand colors of black and red okay but they weren't really ME. If I'm going to do this another five years and beyond, I decided I really wanted my brand to reflect me. Through the years I've found my personal photography style to evolve into crisp, bright images with plenty of bold colors. I wanted to reflect that in my branding, as well, and black and red just wasn't cutting it. My new color scheme hit me when I was in the kitchen baking THESE and THESE. How can you not be happy when you look at these colors?  Here is a sneak peek of the feel of my new brand that will be revealed soon. Even my phone matches my branding. :-) In the meantime, while I work on the updates, you can see snipits of the new branding on all of these sites. I try to keep each social media site updated with different content so everything you see isn't duplicates. I would love for you to follow me. (Just click on the icons.)