It's time for the second room on our house tour.  A few weeks ago I shared our master bedroom.  Today is our master bathroom.  Or should I say our ONLY bathroom currently in the house.  

When we purchased this house 17+ years ago, I agreed to do so as long as we added a second bathroom in the basement.  Let's just say 17 years with two children and two adults later and I'm still waiting on that second bathroom.  We have the walls framed but that's as far as it's gotten.  The second bathroom is one of the final things we need to complete before we list for sale.

Yes, it's been an inconvenience to have only one bathroom but honestly, it hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be.  We've managed just fine.

The bathroom is an L-shape with access from the hallway and the master bedroom.  This is the hallway entrance.

I do love that the bathroom contains the laundry closet.  It makes it much more likely I'll keep up with the laundry with it right off the master bedroom.

Entrance from the master bedroom.

There wasn't enough room on the wall to hang a towel for each family member so we added a hook on the back of the door for the fourth towel.  It works perfectly.

A few of my favorite things in the bathroom:

It's country style really doesn't fit the decor anymore, but I still love my ancient hairdryer/curling iron holder.  I can't stand things sitting out on the counter so I like being able to put them up even when they are still hot.

I store my make-up brushes in a coordinating bathroom cup for easy access.

I keep a few of our everyday essentials on the counter but contained in a basket.  Everything else has it's place in the drawers and cabinets below.  Even with four people sharing one bathroom, we keep the clutter to a minimum.

It's not much but it's worked just fine for our family of FOUR. (Though I'm sure it would be even better with that second bathroom I was promised!)