Had I chosen any other profession I most likely never would have gotten the chance to meet these gorgeous children. I am so lucky that my profession allows me to reconnect with past classmates and meet so many new people along the way!

Originally I was to photograph E, I and S outdoors at their home. Mother Nature didn't cooperate that day so they packed up and came to visit me in my studio. When they walked in I and S were fast asleep in their parent's arms. And I mean asleep, dead to the world, conked out! They did NOT want to wake up.

In the meantime Mr. E was happy to help me test my lights, pose for a few shots and tell me about his girlfriend.

A few minutes passed and Miss I cracked an eye open, realized she was in a new place, hopped up, came over to the backdrop and started posing for pictures.

Fast forward about 10 minutes more of Miss S's mom and dad trying to wake her up by any means they could think of, she sat up, looked around, walked over and away we went with more pictures. I have never seen kids wake up instantly in perfectly happy moods and actually WANT to have their pictures taken.

That day I was blessed with meeting and photographing three of the happiest, kindest and beautiful children. I love my job!