And so it goes.  We've reached the last round of peeks from the Cass County Fair Baby Show / Wee King & Queen Contest.  I've had such a good time editing all of the sweet kiddos!  Thank you to everyone that stopped by for photos.  And, thank you to Alpha Zeta Omicron for inviting me back again this year to capture the fun!

 photo IMG_3048 5x7 BLOG.jpg photo IMG_3209 5x7.jpg  photo IMG_3086 5x7.jpg  photo IMG_3137 5x7 BLOG.jpg  photo IMG_2968 5x7.jpg  photo IMG_3116 5x7.jpg  photo IMG_3000 5x7.jpg  photo IMG_3176 5x7.jpg  photo IMG_3107 5x7.jpg  photo IMG_3037.jpg  photo IMG_3156 5x7.jpg


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