Today is the day I can officially start celebrating the holidays. All the 2011 sessions are edited and orders are filled. While I LOVE my job, I have to admit it gets a little crazy this time of year making sure all the emails are returned, sessions are edited promptly and orders are placed correctly so everyone gets their pictures in time for Christmas. It is nice to have this short break to look forward to. Christy B Photography is now closed for the holidays and will reopen January 5, 2012. To celebrate finishing the Christmas portrait rush, I allowed myself to surf Pinterest into the wee hours of the morning. Oh, how I love thee! I now have a crafting list a mile long that I want to attempt over the break. So far my daughter and I have created a Christmas card tree, then we glittered the mini clothes pins on the tree because they just weren't blingy enough for me, made an infinity scarf from a t-shirt, and cooked up some Terribly Terriffic Toffee, AKA "Christmas Crack". It's going to be a good rest of the year crafting goodies with my baby girl!  Thank you, Pinterest. Even though ChristyB is closed for the holidays, be sure to keep checking into the blog. I will force myself to take crafting breaks each day to update regularly. Merry Christmas to all and best wishes for a wonderful new year!  Wish I could share with you some of my "Christmas Crack" toffee made with Saltine crackers of all things.


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