It's ready!  The new Senior Magazine for 2017 seniors is finished and packed with all you need to know about the perks of being a Christy B senior.  The magazine is a labor of love spelling out anything you could want to know about our senior portrait sessions and products.  Want to see all 38 pages of info? Shoot me a message and I'll send it your way.

There are a ton of new things I'll be implementing this year to make the senior experience hit a new level for my seniors.  I truly want it to be one of their best memories of their senior year.  I'm so excited to spoil my 2017 seniors!!  

One of the new things for the upcoming school year is to be a personal paparazzi for my seniors.  As always, I will attend and photograph various sporting and extracurricular events at my senior's schools.  Only this year, I will solely be focusing on capturing my Christy B seniors on and off the field, not their entire teams.  Editing hundreds of action shots of team sports takes away valuable time from catering to my senior clients.  From now on, it's all about them!  For those that want to take advantage of professional action shots but don't want to hold their actual senior session until later in the school year, no big deal.  Just choose a senior session option that's best for you, pay your session fee now and have your pictures taken at any time during your senior year while still taking advantage of the perks of being a Christy B senior your entire year.

Let's do this, 2017 seniors!!  It's your turn now!  EMAIL ME to receive a copy of the Senior Magazine and see what the Christy B senior portrait experience is all about.