This is our favorite picture of our little girl (who is not so little anymore). When we remodeled her room last winter, I knew I wanted to hang this picture over her bed.  Frames are not cheap, no matter where you purchase them. I saved up get just the right frame. FedEx finally delivered it last week and I couldn't wait to get it on the wall. And you know me, I have to be different. You won't find these frames at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. They are from a custom frame company that Christy B Photography works with exclusively. They totally set off the print and make it more than just a picture hung in a rectangle frame.  They make it a show piece.  I LOVE IT! If you are interested in finding out more information about these frames or would like to see them in person, don't hesitate to let me know. I'll give you a tour. I've got them all over my house. :-)


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