I'm way overdue posting Darrian's senior session sneak peeks. After I met Darrian, I got the feeling that at first he comes off as quiet but, get to know him, and he has quite the personality. Then I read the answers he submitted to his Senior Questionnaire and I think I hit the nail right on the head. He had me laughing just reading some of his answers. I had a great time photographing Darrian. We visited several new places around town that I've wanted to shoot.  Of course, he made all the locations look awesome.    Along with some pictures from the day, here are some fun facts about Darrian. SCHOOL & COLORS: Ottawa High School, Ottawa, KS, red black and white THE BEST PART OF SCHOOL: When it's not going on PLANS AFTER HIGH SCHOOL: To move out the summer after graduation and attend college somewhere FAVORITE SPORT: Soccer DREAM CAR: Camero PLACE YOU WOULD LIKE TO VISIT & WHY: Space because it looks awesome WHEN YOU HAVE A SWEET ATTACK, YOU EAT: Honey Buns BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT IN SCHOOL SO FAR: Getting this far SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY: Pepsi DREAM CAREER: Astronaut PERSON YOU WOULD MOST LIKE TO MEET: Kim Kardashian AN UNUSUAL TALENT YOU POSSESS: Acrobatic JOB YOU HAVE HATED: DQ FIVE THINGS YOU COULD NEVER LIVE WITHOUT: iPod, phone, car, TV, food YOUR GUILTY PLEASURE: Seeing people accidentally do something IF YOU WON A MILLION DOLLARS, WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH IT: Save it ONE GOAL YOU HAVE: Meet an alien


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