Do these hands appear to be spinning fast to you?

I like things FAST. I walk fast. I drive fast. I eat fast. I type fast. I read fast. It seems these days, even my clock moves fast. Too fast.

Typically, before I begin my fast-paced days, I like to read a few of my favorite blogs. I came across a post on Jamie Delaine's Blog about her Type-A personality. She shared examples of Type-A and BAM! It described me to a T.


The Type A is a normal person operating at his maximum possible speed. He wants to achieve a big goal but he thinks that time is very limited and this results in the following behavior:

* Exaggerated Sense of Time Urgency: thinks that time is running out and since his goals are too big, he always races with time. CHECK

* Competitiveness: he considers everything to be a challenge. CHECK

* Multitasking: can handle more tasks at the same time than a computer can; involved in 5+ unrelated activities while performing well at all.  CHECK

* The Price for Over Achievement: subject to tremendous amounts of stress. always running, having lots of things to do & racing with time. CHECK

•    Obsessed with work; over working  CHECK

•    Unable to relax, have guilty feeling while doing so  CHECK!

•    Perfectionist  CHECK

•    Self challenging, very competitive, cannot take defeats well  CHECK

•    Impatient  CHECK

•    Have guilt feeling/expressing emotions  CHECK

•    Strongly achievement oriented  CHECK

•    Have no time for self  CHECK

•    Time conscious and always in hurry, detest delays  CHECK

•    Always planning something or the other  CHECK

•    Over bearing, controlling  CHECK

•    Calculative, business-like  CHECK

•    Does not notice and unable to appreciate simple things.  CHECK

•    Short tempered  CHECK ___________________________________________________________________________________________

That is SO me!  The more I can cram into a day, the better. I'm the type of person that doesn't feel 100% successful unless I have my days packed full of things to accomplish.  To me "busy" means I have something planned for every waking minute of my day.  And let me tell you, I've been "busy" this month!  I literally had to mark off a 45 minute block of time on my birthday for my family to stop by and see me.  Drop off kids at school, work the day job, pick up kids from school, homecoming parade, session, FAMILY VISIT, session, photograph homecoming football game, BED!

Someone, please stop the clock hands from moving so fast.  Pretty soon I'm going to have to erase BED from my schedule.  But, I'm not complaining.  To me, that means I'm reaching a level of success that I was only dreaming about while I was sleeping.