For the last few months we've been prepping to move our oldest into his first apartment at college. Being the OCD freak that I am, I had to create a list of anything and everything we might need to find/borrow/purchase to stock the apartment.  The list allowed us to cross things off as we acquired them and gave us a way to double check that we had everything packed and loaded for the two and a half hour trip.

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I thought I would share our list with you here, internet. It will also keep me from misplacing the list or forgetting where I filed it when it's time to move our second child.  Keep in mind, this list was created for a guy that will probably do minimal cooking and little to no decorating. If you're moving a girl, you might need to add a few (or a few hundred) things to the list, but this will give you a good basic start.  To view, download or print the list, click the link below (may not open on iPhone/iPad).


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