Today marks the completion of the first week back at school for my kids. It also marks the first time in 12 years that I haven't had hop in the car in my pjs, praying that I didn't have an accident or get caught speeding, and take at least one of them to school. And you know what I did to celebrate? I went back to bed after they left. :-) Heaven! It's hard to believe I have a junior in high school and a 7th grader in middle school already. I can still remember like it was yesterday walking our oldest in to the primary school on the first day of kindergarten with his little nap mat. I can even remember what he was wearing - khaki shorts and a blue and green plaid button-up shirt from Gymboree that matched his blue-green eyes perfectly. His fine blond hair was gelled and spiked up in the front and his cute little baby toes stuck out of his brown leather sandals. Ask me what my daughter was wearing on her first day of school and I couldn't tell you. Good thing I only had two kids. If I had a fourth, I probably would have been lucky to remember to send him or her to school with a lunch.  This is why, no matter how old they are getting, I still demand that they take a quick picture or two on the first day of school every year. I will always be reminded of what they looked like each year as they began a new school year. My son is thoroughly embarrassed. My daughter still puts up with it as long as I hurry. To get full enjoyment of the embarrassment to my son, I followed them out the front door and took pictures of them as they drove off. Sorry neighbors if you happened to look out your window and saw me in my pjs. I had a bed to get back into as soon as the kids were out of sight.    


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