I've always been a sports fan - football, volleyball, baseball, motocross, dance, soccer, wrestling, cheerleading, etc.  But, football has always been one of my favorites.  To me, the beginning of fall is marked by the first kickoff.  I can't participate in fantasy football because it takes over my life and all I want to do is sit by the TV and watch all the games to see how my players are doing.  Played - beat all the guys in the office - can't play again for my own well-being.  I actually mark the Chiefs games on my calendar and try to plan my Sunday events around the games.  I'm a dork but I love me some football!  Yes, I'm a little excited about tonight's big game even though my home team isn't playing.  ((Go Seahawks!))
In honor of the Super Bowl today, I thought I would share a few of my favorite football images from over the years.
 photo Christy B Football 1 BLOG.jpg
 photo Christy20B20Football202.jpg  photo Christy20B20Football203.jpg

 photo Christy B Football 7.jpg

 photo Christy20B20Football206.jpg

 photo Christy B Football 8.jpg

 photo Christy20B20Football205.jpg


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