I'm free!  I was held hostage at work today due to the flooding which closed the road. And what did I do on my lunch hour since I couldn't leave? I looked for new recipes on the internet, of course. Not a good idea when you've had no breakfast or lunch! Thankfully the water receeded enough for me to leave on time and get my holiday weekend started. I wasn't above swimming home. Nothing was going to keep me from starting my exciting long weekend of "project clean out and organize my entire house". Exciting, I know! All of you out there on the lake soaking up the rays, don't be jealous of my exciting weekend. If you're looking for something fun for breakfast to fix this weekend, try these French Breakfast Puffs. You can find the recipe HERE.  Beware, I only dipped the tops of the puffs in butter and sugar.  Next time I will dip the entire thing in butter and sugar to alleviate coming upstairs from my deep cleaning to find that the kids only ate the tops and left the bottom halves for me on the cooling racks.

PS: Don't forget to stop and thank a veteran this weekend!


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