Since we have a senior this year, we'll be donating quite a bit of time for fundraisers to earn money to put on the 2013 Project Graduation. The first fundraiser of the year will be a garage sale and bake sale this weekend at the corner of 7 Highway and Wildwood Drive (the office building where Perfect Promotions is located). There is a good start to filling an entire gym with items for the garage sale. I know I got a lot of things cleaned out of my house that we donated. I actually have an empty drawer or two to refill now! I'll also be spending my day off on Thursday baking some yummy homemade goodies for the bake sale. I'm thinking chocolate cupcakes with white buttercream frosting and maybe some chocolate chip oreo cookies. Any other ideas that I should bake? If you'll promise to go buy something, I'll make it! :-) I hope you'll stop by and see what good deals there are to be found and help out the kids of the Pleasant Hill High School Class of 2013 so we can put on a rockin' Project Graduation for them.