Will you remember what your mom looked like at 60 years old? Will you remember your hip hair style from 2010? Will you remember how little your children once were and how they would shower you with kisses upon request? Will you remember how in love your grandparents still looked after all those years? Will you remember the strange clothing styles of 2011? Will you remember your family when it was complete? Will you remember their smiles?

Will you remember the time you had family portraits and everyone dreaded the day, gave you a hard time for wanting family photos and grumbled until the photographer showed up? Will you remember when your family had to admit that family photos weren't such a bad thing after all and they actually kind of had fun? Will you sit with your grandchildren and reminisce over photos of your family from 20 years ago?

Will you give the gift of photography to preserve your family memories before time changes things and it's too late?