I thought this year would be the first year since we had kids that we wouldn't be getting together Halloween costumes. I admit, part of me was excited that I didn't have to come up with just the right costume (I've mentioned before my need to be overly creative and different. A plain store-bought costume just wouldn't cut it.) while part of me was the teeniest bit sad there would be no more trick or treating.  Then our daughter told us they were having a fundraiser at school and for $1 they could wear a costume. She had always wanted to be a hula girl so we stopped by Hobby Lobby for a grass skirt and three pink leis totalling $7 and this is what we came up with.  She already had the white clothes and flip flops.  I took the two extra leis, cut them apart and made the hair flower, tied one around the top of the skirt for a belt and strung a few flowers on elastic to make the wristlet and anklet.  She painted her nails with cute little flowers.  For $7, I think it's pretty cute.  Of course, now that we have a costume, we have to do a little trick or treating one more year.  Mama needs some chocolate!


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