I've not been successful yet in getting my parents to have their pictures taken for their Christmas cards. Past cards have featured the dog, Sporty. The next year it was Leo, the horse. No luck this year, either. Instead, they picked the windiest day ever to photograph Jack, their other horse. Mom had the idea of putting a Santa hat on his head. His ears point out to the side of his head normally, so a Santa hat would fit between them perfectly. He really didn't mind the strange thing on his head. Or the bling she made him wear on his halter.

Typical Jack. If he hadn't been born and raised at my parent's house, I would swear he was part mule.

In the end we settled for some garland and a bow. Isn't he pretty when you don't draw attention to his ears?

They are finally running out of animals to put on their cards. Next year they'll either have to get another animal or... We'll see what next year brings.  I refuse to photograph the barn cats.


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