You might remember Julia from a few months ago when I shared her awesome outdoor senior session on the blog. She rocked it again several weeks ago during the studio portion of her senior portraits. I don't think she can take a bad picture. Here are her sneak peeks to prove it along with some more fun facts about this 2012 Pleasant Hill High School senior. PLACE YOU WOULD LIKE TO VISIT: Spain and Greece FAVORITE TV SHOW: The Vampire Diaries WHEN YOU HAVE A SWEET ATTACK, YOU EAT: A Snickers bar DREAM CAR: Black Corvette SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY: Playing music makes me happy IF YOU WON A MILLION DOLLARS, WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH IT: Go to college at Georgetown BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT IN SCHOOL SO FAR: I have earned 3 years worth of academic letters FAVORITE TEACHER & WHY: Mr. Reese. He made government class entertaining! THREE THINGS THAT ANNOY YOU: Country music, robots and video games AN UNUSUAL TALENT YOU POSSESS: I play bass clarinet FAVORITE BEVERAGE: Cranberry Limeade BEST ADVICE YOU'VE BEEN GIVEN: Just do your homework! Julia, I had a blast with you during your sessions. You made my job easy. It was an honor to meet you and shoot your senior pictures. Hope you like them. Best of luck the rest of your senior year!


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