NOOO! Tell me it isn't July already! That means in one month it will be time for back-to-school shopping, regular bedtimes and homework. Summer doesn't last long enough!!  Hopefully having my dinner menu already planned out will leave more time for summer fun.  I'm sharing my menu here with recipe links.  Maybe it will help spark some dinner ideas for you, too.  Enjoy the summer while you can!

I created a Google calendar so I can access it on my phone when I'm at the store and I can see what I've got planned for the week.  I made the calendar public so you can follow along, too, if you like.  The Calendar ID is: (On your Google calendar page, click "Other Calendars" and paste the ID.)

For the menu items that have recipes online, I've included the link for you.  Simply click on the menu item on the calendar, then click on the "Description" link.  That will take you to the recipe.

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