Last summer I shared a couple of equine photo sessions here on the blog.  Jay, Leo and Jack are horses that were born and raised at my parent's place.  This year it's Jack's turn to get all gussied up (first time in his life) and have his pictures taken. Jack isn't a show horse.  He doesn't run barrels.  He's just a good 'ol horse.  He's not the most handsome fellow.  He's extremely nosey and likes to nibble if you let him get too close. He thinks he's going to die if he goes without grass for more than a few hours. He's a simple trail horse. He's just Jack. **jazz hands**

My mom likes the photos of her horses standing tall with their feet just right and ears up. But, that's not really Jack. This is the real Jack. He's always got his nose in your business. He prefers his ears out more like a mule than perked up like a show horse. Perhaps he was named after his look-alike, the mule???

This is how I prefer pictures of the horses.  The real Jack. Never missing a second eating so he can keep up his plump physique.

The whole crew living the good life. Just as it should be.

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