If you live in Pleasant Hill, you've probably seen Thad guiding his owner around town.  Ken Baker (my father-in-law) is legally blind and was paired with Thad nine years ago to make his daily routine a bit easier.  They became local celebrities of sorts in our small town.  Thad was a loyal companion to Ken before being diagnosed with cancer in his front leg in 2014.  The leg was removed and Thad continued to be happily, pain free by Ken's side.  Unfortunately, in November of 2014 Thad's cancer had spread to his lungs.  Ken's companion passed away in December 2014.

I share this story with you in hopes you will help honor Thad's legacy.  Thad has been nominated by his veterinarian, Dr. RC Ebert, for Animal Archive of the Year through the Missouri Veterinarian Medical Foundation.  Voting is currently taking place for this year's nominations at http://mopetmemorial.com.  Just click on Animal Archive of the Year and select Thad's bio.  Dr. Ebert's touching nomination letter is posted along with a button where you can vote for Thad.  If you knew Thad, if you saw them around town over the years or if you're simply touched by Thad's story, I know Ken would appreciate your vote as a way to honor his best friend.

(For those that saw Thad's article last month in the Pleasant Hill Times and may have tried to vote only to find the link not working, it is live now and working properly.)

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