After years of collecting parts and months of hard work, Lowell wanted pictures to document his awesome new 4-wheeler before it was christened in the mud.  He's got a pretty cool truck, too.  Lowell never had senior pictures in high school and he is set to graduate welding school at the end of this year.  All were the perfect reasons for a celebratory photo shoot.  I had a blast spending the evening with Lowell and his family and we captured some pretty cool images that are already decorating their home.

 photo ChristyBPleasantHillSeniorPhotography4wheeler.jpg

 photo ChristyBPleasantHillSeniorPhotographyCollege.jpg

 photo ChristyBPleasantHillSeniorPhotographyLowell1-1.jpg

 photo ChristyBPleasantHillSeniorPhotographyLowell4.jpg

 photo ChristyBPleasantHillSeniorPhotographyLowell3.jpg

 photo ChristyBPleasantHillSeniorPhotographyLowell2-1.jpg

 photo Lowell.jpg