When we moved into our home in 1999 with our two and a half year old son and a daughter on the way in just 2 months, I never would have dreamed that we would still be here seventeen years later.  To this day, I still love our little house.  It's been perfect for our family.  We have slowly (emphasis on the word S-L-O-W-L-Y) remodeled and updated room by room.

As we are contemplating putting our house on the market, we are putting the final touches on the updates we still have to do.  I just finished painting every square inch of new trim and doors throughout the entire house and I don't care if I never touch a paintbrush again.  But it feels fresh and new and I LOVE it!  

I've had the idea of doing a home tour here on the blog for awhile but I always wanted things to be completely finished first.  Well, in my world, I've had to realize that 100% perfect is never going to happen so there's no better time than the present.  Since the master bedroom was the first room I've completely painted and cleaned in our house selling prep, it's the first room I'm going to share here on the blog along with a few of my personal decorating tips.  It's not huge, but it's the perfect place to lay our heads each night.       


The view as you walk in from the hallway.


View from the closet.


My favorite addition - access to our back deck.  This used to be a window that we replaced with a glass door to add natural light.  We reinforced the deck to hold a hot tub outside the bedroom door but never got around to installing said hot tub.  :-(  


And a few of my favorite decorative touches:

There wasn't enough room for a side table on each side of the bed so I opted for these cute little shelves to hold a few of my favorite things.  


I've had this engraved box on my dresser since the day we were married.  My roommates in college gave it to us and forever on my dresser will it stay. 


I think this was actually intended for outside use, but I use it to hold my necklaces.


I bring fresh flowers from the flower beds into my house any chance I get.  This $2 tray from Target holds hubby's watches.  XOXO from Hobby Lobby.


A touch of masculine.  I love this deer head from Urban Outfitters.


Let's face it, it's a special occasion when people are coming over (or photos are being taken) that all of the pillows go on the bed.


A basket from TJ Maxx hides bulky sweaters that take up too much room in drawers.


A photo I took on our most recent vacation.  Love waking up each morning to great family memories.


Because tv equipment is ugly, I dress it up.


And finally, my favorite spot in the master bedroom (besides the comfy bed) is the full length mirror from Kirkland's and little bench & pillow from Pier One.


That concludes the tour of our master bedroom in it's 100% finished and cleaned state.  We'll see how long it stays that way.  As I clean out other rooms, I will continue the home tour here on the blog.  Stay tuned.


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