Today was the first day of high school for my baby girl. I can't believe she's old enough to be a freshman in high school!!  There is hardly any light at 6:45am but I still force her outside every year before we leave for the "first day of school picture" so I have plenty of ammunition to embarrass her at her graduation party in four short years.  You can tell she's thrilled.

Her brother started his first day of college yesterday and you don't know how hard it was to let him leave without getting a picture.  Unfortunately, I promised him I wouldn't torture him anymore after last year's first day of school, senior pics, homecoming, prom, last day of school and graduation pictures.

I hope everyone got their children off to their first day of school successfully and you all were able to torture your kids with pics.  The first day of school is the perfect example of how important photographs are in our lives and proof that they will be look at and enjoyed for years to come (and maybe even used for a bit of fun embarrassment).

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