It's 4:03am.  I was awoken by the sound of the cat licking his...let's just say...paws.  Really, is there anything worse than the sound of a cat lying at the foot of the bed at 3:30am licking himself?  The sound of my husband popping and snoring that has now intensified as I lie there not able to go back to sleep runs a close second.  I, not so gently, flop over to my side hoping to stir him so he'll turn over and give the snoring a break so I can fall back to sleep.  No luck.  I flop to the the other side.  It seems someone is sleeping soundly.  I stare at the ceiling and thoughts of how I hadn't updated the blog in a couple of days fill my head.  "I could put the blog on a small hiatus while I get some things done around here that I really need to tend to.  Especially since I pretty much went on hiatus taking pictures of my outfits this week. "  "I can't not update my blog just because I'm being lazy.  I've worked too hard trying to get people to actually read this blog.  I can't lose my tens of readers now."  "Maybe I'll just lie here until the alarm goes off in a couple of hours."  "Surely he's got to turn over sooner or later and stop snoring for a few seconds.  Then  I could fall back asleep."  Lick. Lick. Lick. "The only thing going on hiatus around here has been my metabolism.  I'm hungry.  Again." "Screw it.  I'm getting up and updating the blog." Here you have it, the only two pictures I managed to get this week of my outfits. Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy would be ashamed of me because the point of What's In My Closet Wednesday is to actually get dressed up in something other than sweats. I fixed my hair and put on make-up. Does that count? Sweatshirt - Gap Outlet / Navy shirt underneath and scarf - Old Navy / Sweats - Gap Outlet / Tennis Shoes - really old Pumas I know, I know. This really doesn't count as an outfit. But, isn't is cute? My sister gave me this apron for Christmas. I have two other fun aprons that I planned to share all in one blog post. Problem? I haven't had time to cook much and I don't have any pictures of them yet. Apron - gift / Outfit - from last week's WIMCW post / Ring - Charming Charlies In all honesty, the blog will be a bit slower for the next week and a half but I hope you will keep checking in. I do have a few posts up my sleeve to keep you occupied until I'm able to focus 100% on the blog again in February. Thanks for reading! Now I'm going to go lay back in bed. Hubby's alarm clock goes off in 30 minutes. If I kick out the cat, that means I can get 30 minutes of shut-eye before I have to wake up the kids and get ready for work.


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