Remember when you announced your child's age in months?  12 months, 18 months, 24 months. 

Our son is 192 months old today! 


We've tackled walking, talking (often too much), potty training, and learning to read. We've been through more clothes than I care to think about, gymnastics classes, guitar lessons, baseball and basketball games and braces. Thankfully we haven't really been through the pants down around the thighs with the underwear hanging out phase!  Today, we will be begin the I can drive and know exactly what I'm doing while Mom and Dad sit at home and worry each time they hear sirens or the phone rings phase. 


Yes, our first born child turns 16 today. With three days to spare, he found and purchased his first vehicle. I had plans of a fun photo shoot with the pair but the weather didn't cooperate. Instead I had five minutes, a fading sun and an unwashed truck to work with. I'll take what I can get.   

 Happy birthday, son!  Wear your seat belt, drive the speed limit, use your blinker and keep those girls on their own side of the truck.  We love you.  We're looking forward to graduation, college years, dating, a wedding and grandchildren IN THAT ORDER!


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