I don't think there is a better way to celebrate America's birthday than with baseball, pretty girls and lots of red, white and blue.
In honor of the 4th of July, I'm sharing an entire BFF session.  I had an absolute blast bringing to life all of my ideas for this session and the girls were awesome - as you can tell by the number of images you are about to see.

Enjoy and have a fun and safe Independence Day, everyone!

 photo ChristyBAmerica1.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica2.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica3.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica4.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica5.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica6.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica7.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica8.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica9.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica10.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica11.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica12.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica13.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica14.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica15.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica16.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica17.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica18.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica19.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica20.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica21.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica22.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica23.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica24.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica25.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica26.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica27.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica28.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica29.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica30.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica31.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica32.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica33.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica34.jpg  photo ChristyBAmerica35.jpg


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