The house is a mess.  I actually kind of feel like cleaning it.  No!  I have to get these pictures edited before I can do anything else.  Our daughter's birthday is coming up.  Need presents.  The house still needs cleaning.  I really should put out some Easter decorations.  But, then I would just have to pack them away in a few days.  I'll just get out the absolute minimum Easter baskets for the kids.  Mom, I need help on my school project.  Let me throw in a load of laundry first.  I need to write a post for the blog.  Hurry, get dressed.  We need to leave.  UGH!  Did we really go off and leave the entire dozen colored Easter eggs out on the table when we rushed out the door?  The plants are wilting.  Need water.  Mom, I can't find anything to wear.  You need to switch out our summer and winter clothes.  The print orders are waiting by the door.  Must get them packaged ASAP.  What's for dinner?  Wow, it's been several days since I've updated the cooking blog.  I have to work late at my day job.  No time to exercise.  Christy B Photography lost a Facebook friend.  Someone doesn't "like" me anymore?  Did I not post enough?  Did I post too much?  I must be too boring.  Time for the kids to go to practice.  Why aren't they ready to go?  I really need to do yard work.  The website is due for an overhaul.  Mom, where are my jeans?  Look in the basket of clothes I haven't gotten folded yet.  When was the last time I updated the boutique blog?  I would love to just sit and read that magazine...from February.  Mom, I needed to take my order form to school today.  The dishwasher needs unloaded.  When was that appointment again?  The house is a disaster.   Just a little glimpse into my life the last few weeks and why I haven't updated the blog(s) lately.