After the troubles I've had with my blogs being hacked over the holidays, someone's going to NEED me to send them peace, love and joy if I ever find them. :-)

This was supposed to be Thursday's blog post. Better late than never. Let's hope the hacking problem is taken care of and the regular daily posts can go on as scheduled.


My family's 2010 holiday card. Whose idea was it to include both the dog AND the cat in this year's images? Not mine, I guarantee you. As if photographing my own two children wasn't challenge enough. The cat escaped once and ran into the cattle field. My daughter was screaming , "No Maxwell, come back!" as she ran after him. Yeah, that worked well. We corralled the cat, got everyone back in place and the dog decided she wanted to share the love with a big wet lick on my son's face. "Mom, this is so stupid. Can't you just take a picture of the animals. Why do we have to be in the picture?" He's lucky she hadn't been in the cattle field before that! :-) Here is what we ended up with from our session at the farm. Considering what we went through to get the images, I'm pretty happy with the end result. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!