These are from my backyard. Some people collect trinkets or fine china. I have decided I'm going to collect rose bushes. They are so beautiful this time of year. And, they don't take up space in the house or require weekly dusting. Seems like the perfect thing to collect to me.

It all started with these pretty pink roses. When the entire rose bush is in bloom the whole backyard smells like a floral shop. The bush has grown to nearly reach the roof of the house this year.

Seeing the beauty of that one rose bush against our house, I decided last year that I was going to create a "wall of roses". I imagine an entire wall of rose bushes in full bloom growing up the side of the house - providing that I don't kill them before they get to that point. The second variety added to my collection were these delicate little roses. Very pretty. The blooms are daintier than other rose varieties but I still like them.

Here is this year's addition to the collection. The blooms are my favorite yet. Large, full of fragrance and they are the prettiest coral color with pink edges. Perfection!

I think next year I"m going to have to replace the one rose bush that I have killed by putting it in too much shade - the yellow rose bush I received from my AZO sisters several years ago. I feel terrible that I killed it. :-(

Until then, this is how I'm going to enjoy my roses until it stops raining long enough to go outside and enjoy them.