This is my basement.  This is my mess.  This is my life for the last three months of every year.  A mess.  In my basement.  And the rest of my house. That's just the way it is during busy season. Stacks here and there waiting for me to get to them. Thank goodness my family puts up with my mess.  Because they sure aren't going to Put. It. Away.    See in the background on the wall?  That is my Halloween set, still up.  In the back to the right, that is another project waiting for my husband to complete - a new wood floor in the studio area.  In the back to the left, the Wii box my daughter decided she didn't have room for so that's where it ended up.  Front and center, that is a project that is actually AHEAD of schedule.  One wreath completed for the Country Christmas sessions this weekend.  Yes, I am packed and ready for the weekend and it's not even 2:00am Saturday morning yet.  It's going to be a great weekend!  Can't wait to photograph all my wonderful clients on the farm.  For that, I am thankful!