Here's a fun behind the scenes video of a recent studio session with a very fast one year old, three year old and their great-grandparents.

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero. ~Marc Brown

 photo ChristyBDowningGGrandkids5.jpg  photo ChristyBDowningGGrandkids6.jpg  photo ChristyBDowningGGrandkids7.jpg

I love that the grandparents wanted pictures with their great-grandkids! These pictures will be so special over the years to come and I'm honored to have been able to provide the photographs.

 photo ChristyBDowningGGrandkids4.jpg

 photo ChristyBDowningGGrandkids8.jpg

 photo ChristyBDowningGGrandkids1.jpg

 photo ChristyBDowningGGrandkids3.jpg

 photo ChristyBDowningGGrandkids2.jpg


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