I always love when sports season rolls around and I get to photograph teams as they get older each year. (See last year's Sonic Boom images HERE.)  First, we start with the usual team photo.  

  photo ChristyBSonicSoftballB1.jpg

Then we get to have some fun.
 photo ChristyBSonicSoftballB2.jpg

The annual pyramid.

 photo ChristyBSonicSoftballB3.jpg

 photo ChristyBSonicSoftballB4.jpg

 photo ChristyBSonicSoftballB6.jpg

All the talent in the world won't take you anywhere without your teammates. ~unknown

 photo ChristyBSonicSoftballB5.jpg

I'm honored to take your pics, team Sonic! Best of luck with the rest of your season.