Because so many have asked, I thought I would give an update to our home situation.  If you read the blog regularly, you remember that we sold our home of 18 years last January (HERE and HERE).  We were originally going to build a custom home.  After we sold our house, we finally settled into our rental and were ready to start the building process.  Unfortunately, the final build price came back WAY over the estimate.  It was either stretch our budget to the max or start the home search again.  As fate would have it, the home we were renting was for sale, had nearly 5 acres of land and was almost double the size as what we would get building new.

Today it became official.  Our rental is now our new fixer upper.  I can't wait to get started on it's facelift.  I have more space than I thought I would ever have, so much storage that I've got empty cabinets waiting to be filled and lots of land perfect for creating unique outdoor shooting spaces.  It's on to the next phase of life as empty nesters with both kids in college and a new home to put our stamp on.