It's prom season!  And that means a lot of prep over the next few months for the big day.  Christy B has our seniors covered from start to finish with helpful tips and tricks for the girls and the guys.  

The first edition of the Prom Guide is hitting our senior's and senior parent's inboxes as we speak.  I love my Christy B seniors and I created this guide just for you.  I hope you enjoy looking through the 30-page guide and find things that will help make your special night even better.  I can't wait to see everyone dressed to the nines ready to experience one of your final high school events.

And now I'll leave you with one final prom planning tool.  This is available to anyone, Christy B senior or not.  Simply click the image below, print out the Prom Planner printable and start prepping.  

It's your final high school dance.  Don't forget anything so you can make awesome memories - including scheduling your professional prom photos.  It's your senior prom.  You NEED great photos to look back on! 

Christy B is currently scheduling pre-prom quick takes for all junior and senior individuals, couples and groups of friends.  CONTACT CHRISTY B before the times are all gone!


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