Because it's Tuesday.  Because it's the first day of my holiday vacation from my "day" job.  Because all of my 2010 sessions are edited, ordered and filed away.  Today's blog post is going to share the randomness that fills my head.


*The B Stands for Baker* In more ways than one. I am about to start my 2010 holiday sugar cookie baking marathon. There is a 90% chance it will end in disaster.


*Wild & Crazy* I am now sporting deep brown hair with bolder blond streaks.  To borrow the words I heard someone say last night, "it's amazing how it just grows naturally like that!"  I feel much more wild and crazy with my hair like this than the picture suggests. Must be the old age. Scary phone pic:

*Funky Piggie Puffs* Speaking of hair, I was recently contacted to make a new style of hair bow for this little lady. I LOVE how they turned out. I think I'll be making more of these bows over the holiday break to add to my selection. I borrowed this picture off her momma's blog so I could share the cuteness with you.


That's all the randomness my head can hold at one time. Off to begin my baking. Wish me luck.

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